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tv   Nightline  ABC  August 23, 2016 12:37am-1:06am EDT

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"nightline" is next, good night! this is "nightline." >> tonight, wiped off the grid. what's it really like to be in the witness protection program? a rare glimpse through the eyes of children forced to live in secrecy. >> ushered into black vans. >> now all grown up, they're asking was the protection worth plus, noah galloway's remarkable journey from the battlefield to the ballroom. ? revealing how the dark struggle of losing an arm and a leg in iraq led him to living a life with no excuses. and tyra banks trades the catwalk for the classroom. heading to stanford's business school to teach. does this model-turned-mogul
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government? tonight a rare insider's look at the witness protection program. how a child whisked away from her home in the dark of the night is now shining a light on a world shrouded in secrecy. here's adeedy roy. >> was the middle of the night and the marshals were hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry. we were all crying. >> just taken in the middle of the night? >> yeah, it was pretty scary. >> reporter: jackie taylor was just 7 years old when she and he witness security program. commonly called witness protection, or witsec. >> we were ushered into black vance. i remember stopping and switching vans. >> reporter: it's a program shrouded in secrecy run by the u.s. marshals service. witnesses in danger are protected, relocated, given new identities in exchange for turning state's evidence against organized crime, cartels, or terrorist organizations.
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relocation -- >> reporter: most of what people know about it, based on hollywood depictions like the movie "eraser." but where jackie and her family landed was far from hollywood. >> i was right 31. >> reporter: here in a motel next to a casino in billings, montana. >> not exactly the best place to put a mother and her three children to start their lives over again. there's no new car. there's no new house. this is your new reality. >> reporter: most of the more than 18,000 people in witness protection are not witnesses but family members of witnesses. many of them innocent bystanders caught in the middle. >> daddy, i love you. >> reporter: some of them mere children like jackie shown here in this rare footage. her father was clarence butch crouch, a vice president of one of the most infamous hell's angels chapter in the country. cleveland, ohio, in the violent
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charge and turned state's evidence against his fellow bikers. >> butch is a federally protected witness -- >> reporter: from behind a screen for the u.s. senate judiciary committee, butch describes unbridled violence. >> we pulled and up stopped and machine gun opened up and i started shooting and i hit somebody. >> reporter: after nearly two years of testifying, before going to prison, farewell kisses. but he would never come home to jackie again. witness protection, left to pick up the pieces. >> i had no nobody to talk to. we were completely cut off from all of our family in cleveland. now i didn't have them. i had to new life i had to adjust to. >> what was the lowest point for you? >> really not knowing hot heck i am. i was suicidal quite a few times. >> reporter: after a difficult childhood, jackie thinks she never should have been put in protection to begin with. >> i don't think children should
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they should either be put with family or almost they'd be better off in foster care. i really do. >> individuals entering into the witness security program, their parents are in danger. the children are therefore in danger. >> reporter: that's michael prout, head of the program, who granted us a rare on-camera interview. while he could not confirm nor deny anyone's existence in witsec, he said kids are better off in the program. >> we are the heros that come in the night and save them fro there are opportunities which we afford in the witness security program that they would not get by growing up in a terrorist organization or mafia or a cartel. they have an opportunity to live. >> reporter: jackie says the marshals gave her documents to support her new identity with the exception of one. that most people take for granted. >> we were never issued birth certificates. that's not part of the program. i will never have a birth
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jackie had no way to prove her u.s. citizenship. one day she received this in the mail. >> this is denying my children medical coverage. because i couldn't supply a birth certificate. >> jackie's citizenship does not exist. >> she says after exhausting all options she decides to walk away from the program and go public with her story, putting herself at possible risk. >> and you didn't fear for your life? >> i couldn't. my children are suffering because of it. so no, i had no fear at all. >> reporter: fiv y her replacement passport from the marshals. >> why might it take so long to get a needed document? >> in general, the witness security program endeavors to provide swift service to its participants. >> reporter: jackie's incredible story now even part of an upcoming documentary by rumor. >> it doesn't look like anybody is there. >> reporter: and after getting her passport, jackie makes amends with that hell's angels chapter her dad testified against. she learned she had nothing to
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>> he's like, you never had anything to worry about. >> when i read your article it inspired me -- >> reporter: an unexpected result of jackie going public, other children of witness protection reaching out to her through facebook for help and guidance. one of them is c.j. he says his family entered witsec when he was 11. >> we weren't going through schools. we were living in motels. >> reporter: they left the program when c. jctj. was 14 bu said he was too witsec changed his name and social security back to the one he was born with, and now his multiple identities continue to haunt him. >> who are you? >> christopher james crawford. >> is that what the government recognizes you as? >> i believe so. but not the u.s. marshals. >> reporter: he's facing an array of issues. >> he has no driver's license because penn-dot has flagged him as a fraud suspect.
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he can't apply for housing. anything that he has to use his identity for, he's going to have problems with. >> reporter: at 38 years old, c.j. is still dependant on a family member and lives at home. >> i worry for his mental health as a human being. i just don't want him to go too far into a dark place. i've seen suicides on the witness protection program. there's two that i can document. >> there's just so much opportunity here for you -- >> reporter: determined to help c.j., jackie flies out to pennsylvania and they drive back across the country to montana. she hopes to convince him to move to billings so she can help him. >> we're like a two-man support group. you don't even have a driver's license. to me that's just crazy. crazy talk. >> reporter: one of the issues they bond over, how they say neither were offered down selling by the marshals service when they were children.
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jackie entered witsec, the program was reformed to ensure members are given psychological support if they ask for it. >> psychological support is critical. the child of a person who is a criminal, they have certain issues before they even get started. >> did you get any counseling? from anywhere? >> no we didn't. >> reporter: even though they were placed in witsec years after that reform, c.j. and his family say they were never offered icahn see -- >> why are you so invested in his future? >> he's in the same position that i was in. and mine was rectified. and i believe that there is a way to rectify his also. >> so i say we should call [ bleep ] real quick. >> reporter: c.j.'s about to make a call to a secret number. >> i was trying to touch base with you. >> reporter: a direct line to his case agent who c.j. says is still assigned to him, despite having left the witsec program decades ago.
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he doesn't get anywhere. >> he's just in this horrible cycle he can't get out of. it pisses me off. >> says he has to look at the file. and get back in touch with me. >> reporter: a few weeks after his montana trip, c.j.'s back in pennsylvania, heading to the federal courthouse in pittsburgh. number -- >> reporter: jackie has advised him to try to find court documents proving his family was in witness protection. >> thank you. thank you, appreciate it. >> reporter: that his multiple identities are not somehow his own fault. he finally comes across the needle in the haystack. >> it says right here my family was in the witness protection program. our names were changed.
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can i get a couple of these pages copied? >> reporter: he later calls jackie to tell her the good news. >> oh thank god you finally have that proof on paper. that is awesome. >> reporter: shortly after -- >> how cool is this? >> reporter: c.j. decides to make the move to montana to live with jackie and her family. the two together fighting to get his life straightened out. for "nightline," i'm aditi roy in billings, montana. journey back from the brink of death. before the bat room glory and magazine covers, he nearly lost it all in iraq. later, will tyra banks be a model professor? the students at this top university will soon find out. ck there's a misprint. oh. model year end clarence event. looks right to me. shouldn't it be clear- clearly... it is time to get a great deal and a reward card
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noah galloway became a household name as one of the most infiring contestants on "dancing with the stars." even more than those dance moves, it's his story of revival and recovery that have you captivated. here's "nightline" coanchor juju chang. >> reporter: noah galloway would never let his injuries stop him from offering to take me on a thrill ride. his backyard. backwoods alabama. do i have to call my insurance agent first? >> then they raise your rates. >> all right, let's go. >> reporter: noah loves being behind the wheel, off the beaten
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longer feels like a double amputee. >> when i'm in my jeep and i'm riding with other guys, it's a level playing field. >> more of a fair fight. >> it is and it feels good, especially if i've got a bigger jeep than them, then i feel even better. >> reporter: it's been a hell of a ride. long before "dancing with the stars" paid him a household name, before he was a magazine cover model, before he was a >> reporter: he was struggling to rebuild his life after he lost nearly everything in the flash of an explosion in iraq. >> there was several times that i laid there and thought, it would be easier if i'd have died, it would have been much better if i would have died. >> reporter: his painful journey back. he recalls in his new memoir "living with no excuses." the first pages of noah's story are classic americana. >> you paint this beautiful
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cape. >> i was convinced i was a super here hoe, that i was invincible, that nothing could stop me. >> reporter: in the aftermath of september 11th, the superhero became a super soldier. >> got a phone call from a friend that said, turn on the tv. i saw that second plane hit. i'll never forget the screams around the cameraman. i remember thinking, okay, the military. this is where i need to be. i need to go in the military. >> it was your first big mission. >> it was. >> reporter: noah found his but his second deployment to iraq was cut short by a fateful drive in a humvee. what was it like to wake up in that hospital room and realize, i am not only not indestructible, but i'm no longer a protector? >> a protector. that was -- that hurt me down deep. >> reporter: his mother and sisters rushed to be by his bedside. >> when you saw him, what part of you just went, oh my baby? >> oh, as soon as we walked in the door.
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in the united states, here, still alive. >> reporter: noah faced months of rehabilitation. he credits his then 1-year-old son colston for helping push him out of his hospital bed. >> my sisters brought my oldest son, colston. i had this emotional moment in physical therapy lab. i remember him coming in, seeing him, and i just hyperfocused on him. tunnel vision. i cried like a baby and held him. >> you still feel that moment to this day. >> yes. it was a something. that i had someone that i had to take care of. >> reporter: after returning home to alabama, noah still faced emotional scars. using alcohol to fill the void his injuries had left behind. >> tell me about the night you got a dui. how did that officer change your life? >> that officer changed my life because he arrested me. i had a lot of police officers that they felt sorry for me. >> what did that week in jail mean to you? >> it's sad but it's true.
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who had way worse situations they had found themselves in, that are much harder to dig out of. and i wasn't at that point yet. >> reporter: noah says fitness set him on the right path. through competing in races like tough mudders he found a new mission, pushing himself over seemingly impossible obstacles. ? what was your reaction when people would say, you can't do a tough mudder? >> i'm going to find a way to get it done, don't challenge >> reporter: his success landing him one of his biggest challenges, ballroom dancing. what was it like to see him go on "dancing with the stars"? >> oh, that was exciting. >> yeah? did you think he could do it? >> no. >> i asked him, i've never seen you do a little shimmy or any of that. he never danced. >> reporter: december dispute a documented lack of rhythm, noah quickly became a fan favorite.
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to "american soldier." ultimately placing third. ? i know the sacrifice. >> if it weren't for those people voting for me each week that i was on that show, another part of my story was shared in dance. >> reporter: back home he tries to lead a simple life. his children are his priority. >> put that over as soon as you can. >> reporter: his newfound celebrity propelling even more missions. we followed him on a return trip to walter reed national military medical center. >> how are you >> good, real good. >> you look great. >> reporter: reuniting with the men and women who helped him learn to walk again. pushing the capabilities of prosthetics at one of the nation's leading labs. >> veterans were really pushing prosthetics to a level that they had to start improving what they were putting out. you were one of them. >> i just had to work a lot of them. >> reporter: perhaps most importantly -- >> have you ever watched "dancing with the stars"? >> i have. >> he was on it. >> i was on it. >> what?
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